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At Body M3canix we know that you work hard to achieve your goals, either a new personal best or be the better version of yourself, we take seriously your efforts and aspirations. So, taking that personal commitment at heart we use cutting-edge technology to help you go above and beyond. We are your technological partners on your personal journey through life. We are Body M3canix.

Body M3canix was founded in 2015 by Oscar Acosta, a former semi-pro triathlete, as he was getting back in shape, he was looking for the best biometric wearable device available, he was not able to find one that would meet his requirements.

Oscar was presented with a clear choice, either wait for someone to invent it or to make it himself, the choice was clear, and after 4 years of development Atalanta was born.


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How to use Atalanta

This demonstrative video shows both the pre-production prototype and preliminary application in full functional mode. In the following update, Atalanta alongside its final application, will be showcased with their cutting-edge game changing technology. Wait for it!