Better Performance

ATALANTA displays Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation of the Blood, Breathing Rhythm, Body Temperature and Burnt Calories, all through individual graphics with the possibility of cross-referencing one to the other or all at the same time.


Through ATALANTA ‘s application a historic path can be stored and compared day to day, week to week, month to month and even year to year. Besides all the graphs, assertive non-invasive vibratory alerts help guide the athlete to a better performance without compromising recovery times through gradual escalating routines. Through the Application the user has full control of the device and the collected data, should ATALANTA run out of battery, all data is secure since it is stored in a solid-state ROM memory. Body M3canix, “A better human experience is our compromise”.


NIRS Technology

Near Infrared-Light Spectroscopy

The ATALANTA uses medical grade cutting edge near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to capture accurate, real-time vitals by reading the chemical composition of the blood.


Competition uses electrodes or green light

Electrodes require direct contact. In practice people sweat and this interrupts the contact thus the transmission of information. This can cause overheating and has been linked to skin burns. 

Greenlight does not go as far inside the body as infrared light and is interrupted by ambient light. Skin also reflects light automatically, and combined by the fact that it can be affected by the color of the skin and the percentage of fat, it makes it a much inferior technology than NIRS.

Breathing Sensing Technology

Personalized Calibration

The ATALANTA is equipped with our patent pending breathing sensing technology that allows the user calibrate the device to their individual metrics providing real data for the user. Future recalibration is possible as progress is achieved.


Measurement of Blood Oxygen Saturation (POS)

Through the measurement of the oxygen saturation of the blood that is fed into the body specially the head and upper limbs ATALANTA keeps an eye on the efficiency of the body and helps determine the consumption of energy and when the body might be running down on efficiency.

Performance Modes

Sport Mode

ATALANTA holds two operating modes, being Sport Mode the first, where the device is preprogramed with all requirements prior to the athletic routine through a smartphone, tablet or laptop. On this mode, no real-time connection is required, and the autonomy of the battery is of around 30 hours of continuous use, all data is stored in ATALANTA’s internal memory to later be downloaded to the smartphone, tablet or laptop once the device is paired. ATALANTA automatically lets the user know when the routine is over.


Live Monitoring Mode

Live Monitoring Mode is intended for real-time biometric monitoring, useful for live training and when the athlete wants to know how her, or his body is performing under activity conditions. Under Live Monitoring Mode battery autonomy is around 3 hours of continuous use and data is recorded in the device as well as the recording smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Precise Biometric Readings

Readings with 98% of precision on average

Contrary to wrist worn activity trackers (60%) and chest worn straps (88%), due to its innovative procedure ATALANTA can reach precision levels of 98% on average readings during physical activity. 

  • Heart rate
  • Oxygen saturation in the blood
  • Skin temperature
  • Respitory rhythm 
  • Breathing expansion
  • Real calories burnt

ATALANTA displays the data with individual graphics on mobile, tablet or computer devices. The user or coach can follow in live mode or look back and review the data stored.

Through ATALANTA ‘s application a historic path can be stored and compared day to day, week to week, month to month and even up to a year.


Injury Preventive Warnings

Heat Stroke and Heart Rate Alert

At Body M3canix performance is not the only concern that we hold dear, but the health of the user. We have developed a preventative patent pending measuring and analytic process to estimate the possibility of suffering heat stroke or heart attack. ATALANTA has been fitted with measuring capabilities to estimate when the athlete might be reaching danger levels and through vibratory alerts as well as visual cues ATALANTA will advise full stop and emergency procedures to be applied.

Modern Ergonomic Design

Anatomical Unisex Design

We wanted to use NIRS and maximize its efficiency, so we studied physiology and anatomy to find out how to position the sensor in the best way possible, yet keeping it so comfortable one would feel as though they aren’t wearing anything. The curved shape merges with both the female and male anatomy without compromising performance.


Functional Design


Patterned design on the internal lining of the device to prevent slipping. Previous competitor products did not have this feature so people would tighten it more so it wouldn't slip easily, which was uncomfortable.

Material Design

Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber is a great isolator and adapts to the temperature of the skin, and is an isolator so it doesn’t transfer heat and won’t get as hot on your skin as hard plastic (ABS) or polypropylene (PP) which are not isolators and will become hot on your skin. 

Additional Features

100% Waterproof

The ATALANTA is designed to be worn and used under a full range of demanding conditions including immersion activities like swimming.


Vibratory Alerts

In order to keep concentration and attention towards what is important, performance and biomechanics, ATALANTA has integrated assertive clear haptic vibratory alerts to softly guide the athlete while performing without taking away from its concentration. No need to look at the screen to get basic important alerts.

Our Partners

We would like to thank the Benny Fab Lab and PME Montréal for thier generous support